7 Simple Small Business Strategies That Will Boost Your Social Share

Are you still not sure about marking an online presence of the small scale business on social media?

Well, let’s have a glimpse at the fact that more than 2.6 million people in the world are using Facebook every month. Did something click in your mind? This implies that your potential customers are also a part of it, and you need to reach them as soon as possible before they get interested in some other business! Follow our 7 simple small business strategies to get more out of your business.

This was just a small instance of many advantages of social media marketing strategies of small businesses.

According to the latest trend, there are many shares of the content on which the user gets attracted. This might also help in boosting the number of target audience reached in a single day.

For instance, if someone likes the company’s informative brochure and feels that if shared in his profile. It might be useful for the people in his friend list and suppose even a 100 people of 1000 in the list views this post, then congratulations, you have reached a 100 more people in a day for promoting your business. This is how you can efficiently and effectively make a promotion for your business on social media.

best social media marketing strategies

Social media platforms available for small business marketing strategies that work include Facebook being the most used amongst them, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, etc.

Successful Marketing Strategies in Small Business:

Hence, we came up with a blog on the successful marketing strategies for small businesses on social media and how you can increase your promotional posts’ number of shares.

1. The selection of a tempting caption.

If you have text content to post on social media, tended for small business strategies for growth, you need to add a caption to that content so that the viewer is bound to read the text that follows.

It is recommended to write the caption of not more than 10 words or a complete sentence as the viewers tend to scroll the application’s news feed quickly. An eye-catchy caption can give a break to this quick scrolling and can also engage the viewer in your content. This increments the chances for the viewer to share your post on his feed.

2. Use attractive graphics and pictures and minimize the text to a certain extent.

Most of the social media users tend to get attracted to the images posted by others instead of mere text content. In such a case, designing an informative and attractive brochure for your business might help in acquiring the user’s interest.

Moreover, the image or graphics shared on any social media platforms can also be easily shared with the other platforms, thus giving the business a huge exposure over all the different social media applications.

3.Try to avoid praising your business in your promotional post- whether text or image.

Try to cover the points on how the business can help the users, instead of what heights the business has achieved.

For instance, if you are posting a promotional post for a restaurant, try to provide the information that engages the customer like the restaurant’s location, what cuisines are available, what are the arrangements for public gatherings, etc. Try to skip mentioning how big your restaurant is and how much area it covers, or how you made it successful- people might be least interested in such information.

4. Select a relevant time of posting the content.

The time at which you post the content also greatly affects how many users reach out to your post. Taking the same restaurant example, more people would reach out in the peak hours for lunch and dinner.

If you post the information at 12 in the midnight, it might be possible that it does not reach the target audience effectively. Remember, the maximum number of shares is possible if you have posted recently. None might be interested in the post that is even 12 hours old.

5. Add some trending hashtags.

hashtag symbol

This is the latest trend going on social media. Select a few important keywords from your content and place it with “#”. Once the user searches for a similar keyword on social media, he will get the search results in which that keyword is placed as a hashtag.

For example, if a restaurant has a specialization in Italian cuisine, he should add #ItalianCuisine or #ItalianFood, etc. in the post. If a user searches for Italian Cuisine, it suggests viewing the post for your restaurant will be provided to him, and the post will have a new user reach out!

6. Create dominancy on a single platform.

It is advisable for a successful social media marketing strategy in a small business that you don’t go and post on every platform you come across. Just stick to a single platform and engage as much audience as possible. Posting the same thing on multiple platforms shows the desperation for the business to catch the customers, leading to a negative impression.

7. Appreciate other promotional posts.

The social media platform is open for all- anybody can post their promotional content on it. Make sure you don’t put such comments on other posts that can take down the efforts of promoting the other business. Ultimately, it would create a negative rapport with your business too.

Final Words:

From the above discussion, we can conclude that for a successful social media sharing, your promotional posts need to stand out and catch the viewer’s attention, develop their interest, and let them share the post and hence you can reach a hundred people more!

Let’s dive deep into social platforms and be covered by all the social media noise.

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