Choosing a WordPress Theme: The Do’s and Don’ts

It is really easy to have a thought of creating a WordPress website. With its flexibility and simple functioning, it lends you a chance to create your WordPress website or blog. But, it still requires you to be proficient at development and designing which is a bitter truth. Many people with small scale business ideas consider relying on WordPress Themes as they aren’t in the habit of coding.

The open code access and a myriad of plugins can be a cause of headaches. So, it is advisable to look for a WordPress tutorial. But, before that, it is required to come across “Where to get quality WordPress Themes?”.

You can look for a WordPress Theme at:

  • Theme Forest
  • Theme Trust
  • Woo Themes
  • Studio Press

But, with thousands of themes available, it is pretty sure that you’ll be in a quandary about what to do. So, you don’t run into the issues in the road of your website, follow these do’s and don’ts which will help you make a cost-effective choice.

wordpress theme design

Do’s of WordPress Theme:-

Relevant Page Style –

The page style is the visual layout or arrangement of the website. WordPress tip for Beginners is that look for a theme that gels with your business. Always opt for a simple, informative, and non-cluttered style. This will attract more customers. Styling of a page is crucial, including the sidebars and customization of the page. With each page being styled differently as per the content, the website will be more appealing. However, ensure that each page style matches the other, and the transition is smooth.

Responsive Website Design –

Part of the WordPress tips and tricks used for developing a perfect website is selecting a responsive theme/design. More customers using mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones to search for websites. Thus, it has become essential that the website is mobile compatible with widgets and menus that are easy to navigate. Opt for flexible images, fluid site grid, which will offer easy UI and better maintenance. A responsive website translates into increased customer traffic directly, which is almost 50% higher.

Customization Options –

One of the WordPress Theme Development tips is to have a customization option for your website. The more customization option you have, the more personalized website you can create. Some themes come with many or few customization options. While too few will curb your creativity, too many choices can puzzle you. Too many options also tend to slow the website down. Ideally, you should pick a theme that allows you to navigate better and customize the branding, typography, and colors.

wordpress customization

The option can include a child theme, too, as it allows you to extend the design theme and customize it beyond the basic parent theme.

Support and Update Feature –

As dos and don’ts, when using WordPress is, you should choose a theme that supports and update features. Most developers offer excellent support for the themes, and such a feature, along with auto-update, allows you to stay in the loop. The characteristic of support and update helps with increased traffic. The regular updates offered by WordPress allows your website to stand out from your competitors. It also helps with branding as changing the website’s theme leads to a loss of appeal to the customers.

Hence check how often the developer of the theme offers support and upgrade for the version.

Multilingual WordPress Theme –

Your website theme should be “translation-ready”. The translation-ready themes are (“i18n”) i.e. properly internationalized. The text used is not hard-coded and is easily translated with the help of translation files. These are big tables interlinked with the original text. As a WordPress TipA theme not using get text functions, will not be considered as a multilingual theme.

Don’ts of WordPress Theme:-

Bloated WordPress Theme –

It is not at all recommendable to choose a theme with only outward luster. Your theme should be simple and efficient. Many developers use snippets to add new features. These snippets aren’t properly optimized from the performance and security perspective. Also, many WordPress Themes have PHP and JS libraries.

Hard to read font –

To capture your visitor’s attention don’t choose a hard-to-read font as this can harm your viewers. It is essential to consider readability as much as it is important to make the website navigation easy. It is advisable to use fonts that are readable and sophisticated. You can pick fonts like Lato, Open Sans, Arvo, Century Gothic, and Vollkorn.

Multiple drop-down codes –

The drop-down codes of the navigation seems to be overlooked. Some themes with pre-setup navigation for the multiple level URLs are there. The solution to multiple child pages each main page is now available. To check how you can customize multi-level dropdown navigation visit jotform.

Theme just because it’s new –

The newly launched theme with the latest features sounds interesting. But choosing a theme that is not purchased much by others can be risky. Moreover, there will be no reviews to get an idea who well the theme can match your business goals. As a WordPress tip, already purchased and tested themes by others, will be updated and bugs free.

LIVE Demos while buying –

Many developers show how their theme works in real-time. Having a LIVE demo will help you see whether the WordPress Theme would be able to go parallel with your needs. View the LIVE demo on your mobile phone first, then on your desktop or laptop. Just step into your customers’ shoes and evaluate them.

Choosing a WordPress Theme is no doubt a crucial task. As it will not only give an overview of your business but how the back end will work will also be taken into consideration. We hope by following the tips by us, you’ll make a smart choice that’ll be inexpensive and ROI driven. To understand how small businesses become millionaires in a short period, do follow small business blogs. For any query related to WordPress, do feel free to reach out to us.

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