6 Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Make Online Presence

The modern-day business has seen many new changes over the past years because of the advancement of technology. One of the most significant changes that have evolved the whole way of doing business is the online presence of companies. Previously, a company’s infrastructure included only the physical stores, but now the online presence of the company is also a part.

Companies’ goals have shifted from maintaining their physical stores to improving their online presence to increase their revenue generation. One of the best ways to have an excellent online presence is search engine optimization strategies. It can help a business to compete with other companies. Companies with good SEO rankings are displayed first in the search results. For example, if a customer is searching for a product in a search engine, the company’s products whose SEO ranking is higher will be shown first in the search result. The companies coming first in the search results will increase their sales as customers usually click on the first option they see.

Best Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Let us discuss some of the search engine optimization strategies for improving your online presence:

(1) SEO Friendly:

In order to maintain the SEO rankings of your website, you need to make some upgradations in regular intervals. SEO marketing can be successful only if your homepage is updated with the latest styles and designs. You have to make the changes to the website manually. You can take suggestions from SEO analyzer websites regarding what changes are required. It takes a lot of time to make changes manually.

Recently, many websites have been launched that can automatically update your websites with the required changes. You just have to install a piece of JavaScript to allow these websites to work. These websites have eased out the burden of upgrading the website for SEO marketing purposes.

(2) Keywords:

Keywords are one of the most important requirements to maintain SEO rankings. The keywords you find in google suggest are the best ones to be used in your SEO writing as these keywords are the most searched ones. There are two types of keywords short tail and long-tail keywords. Competition in long-tail keywords is less as compared to the short-tail keywords. The best place to find keywords is the google search box suggestions, but there are some sites that can help you with this.

(3) Unique Content:

To get better SEO results and stand out among the others, you must have to create content that is unique or better than the existing ones. This can help you to increase your SEO rankings. If you are writing an SEO article, you must take care that the content in that article is unique and has never been posted online. This will increase the online presence of your website.

Similarly, if you are writing an SEO blog about something that already exists online, you must make sure that your blog is better than the others. If your blog is better, then it won’t matter how much a similar SEO blog is posted online.

(4) Add Hook:

In order to engage your readers, you need to add a ‘Hook’ to your SEO article, and this will encourage them to give a read to the article. Hooks are some catchy sentences that are used in the starting of the articles with the sole motive to keep the readers engaged with the article.

People are using links of different sites in their SEO writings to keep the readers engaged. Usually, survey reports are linked with the writings to prove the claims made in the article.

(5) Search Intent:

To improve your SEO rankings, you must make sure that the content on your website or your article satisfies the intent of the customer’s search. If the search intent is not getting satisfied with your content, then you may not get a high SEO ranking.

While writing content or design your website, you must always ensure that you meet the customer needs. This can help you to maintain a high SEO ranking.

(6) Designing:

Many people have the misconception that is uniquely writing something can increase SEO rankings. This is somewhat true, but the designs of the content also matter. A simple design content will not attract the readers and will decrease your content’s engagement.

You must spend a fair amount of time to design your content in a creative way so that it can be eye catching to most of the readers. Readers will get attracted to your content in no time. You can add graphics, photos, and videos with your content to make it look attractive. It is a known fact that a beautifully designed thing always attracts people’s attention.


As it has become really important to maintain an excellent online presence for a better response from the customers, everybody should learn how to increase their content’s SEO ranking to compete in the online market. The above strategies are the best way to improve the search engine optimization of content.

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