Top 10 Small Business Blogs You Need To Follow in 2021

Every single business needs a blog. The reasons you can benefit from a blog for your business are infinite. Websites that are constantly putting out content with relevant key terms, Google will constantly index your site for new keywords. In terms of SEO, you are also putting your website that it may not normally be found for. These small business blogs broaden your horizons for all the key terms that you can find on your website. It increases the relevance and your expertise level in the eyes of visitors. So, let’s dig out some well-known small business blog.

1. BizSugar:

BizSugar Blog

It’s like doing your own little research for high quality content, that might be relevant to you as a small business owner. You don’t need to search for anything. It’s just like a snapshot. This is one of the best platforms for small business ideas. The best stuff out there is that it pushes the content to the top with the votes. The best part is that I can submit my own content that puts me in a position to drive more traffic for brand awareness of my website for free. You can register to BizSugar for free of charge by just providing your email Id and confirming it.

2. Kabbage:

Kabbage Small Business Funding Options

Kabbage is knowing about how small businesses search and look for loans online. Its blog is full of tips to grow, manage, fund, or innovate your small business. The members cast votes on various tips and suggestions, bringing forward the popular posts to the landing page. Trending posts are taken to the BizSugar top 10 posts. This is by far the best for blogs pertaining to small scale businesses.

3. Social Triggers:

Social Triggers

This platform is one of the best for small scale business ideas. It’s a blog by Derek Halpern, who keeps up with the current trends about marketing, entrepreneurship and also about social media. Halpern was also known as “the master of social media”. Inc. magazine also named him as the world of online communications.

4. DIY Marketers:


Small business plan owners often face the problems of low budgeting for advertising and promotions. DIY Marketers focus on very basic but creative marketing promotional activities that can help you bring in more customers for less money. Here you can also get some small business tips that can turn out to be favorable in the long run.

5. Penelope Trunk:

Penelope Trunk

This blog provides insights from an entrepreneur Penelope Trunk about starting, running and marketing a business and also some tips for small business. You can get advice or suggestions on various business-related issues, as well as life lessons from Trunk. This blog might turn out as a roadmap or small business tips for success.

6. Marketing Profs:


Marketing Profs one of the best platforms for the latest and biggest marketing trends with an industry overview. This also provides you with some tips to start a small business. This is being covered by Ann Handley. Her objective of covering stories on Marketing Profs is to make aware the modern marketer using real world examples and solutions. You can access their top contents with the PRO membership of Marketing Prof.

7. Copyblogger:

Copyblogger Content marketing tools and training

It is also known as the best among all content marketing blogs. Copyblogger will help you master your content marketing skills across all domains. They help create some unique contents, training and ability for members to interact with one another. These members pay an either one time or a recurring monthly fee for the access to the site in the form of small business strategy. You can also have a free membership site giving access to exclusive content or product exchanged for prospect free registration. They also offer a combination of free and paid levels in the same site, allowing their customers to upgrade their subscriptions according to their needs. So, if you are an expert in something and want to go beyond just blogging, creating a membership site can help you leverage your time significantly. And, if done right, then you can have a very sustainable digital business.

8. AVC:

AVC Blog

This blog maintained by Fred Wilson, who is also the managing partner of two venture capitals, Flatiron Partners and Union Square Ventures. Wilson is the leader of the entrepreneurial community and was also the VC for more than 20 years. He used to write on the blog every day since 2003 and the topics used to be generally wide-ranging but also related to starting and running a business while also trying to live a somewhat normal life. This can also work out to be a small business strategy consulting.

9. Small Biz Survival:

Small Biz Survival has been around since 2006 and is also gearing towards small town’s small businesses, with how to strategize, plan and execute also emphasizing on social media marketing. Also, there remains chances for any business owner to share all sorts of news in the blog’s weekly section “Brag Basket.”

10. Google Small Business:

Google’s official blogging platform

It is Google’s official blogging platform for small business owners. Here the company can discuss new press releases, new Google tools and techniques and also about how to utilize them in the best form possible. There are also given guidelines and instructional information like setting up your first article, maintaining its data feed, and expert’s suggestions as to how to possibly make the best use of social media. The blog is quite promotional in nature, also keeping in mind that it’s mostly related to Google products, its tools and techniques. But it’s still very useful.

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