Top 25 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Follow in 2021

Blogging has now become an important source of income for many. Some are also pursuing a career in blogging. The popularity of blogging is gaining every day and know benefits of digital marketing strategies, especially digital marketing blogs. Building a blog is not easy, and you cannot learn it overnight. To improve the blogger’s skills, you must read some experts existing digital marketing blogs and gain your knowledge. Don’t know how to find these blogs? Let me help you with that.

top digital marketing blogs

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In this article, we will discuss the top 25 digital marketing blogs that can be followed for gaining knowledge:

1.  QuickSprout Blog

QuickSprout consists of all the information a marketer needs in a business. The best thing about quicksprout is that they replies to all the queries that readers have; that’s challenging work but attracts more and more readers to his blogging site.

2.  Seth Godin Blog

This blog was launched by Seth Godin in 2002 when blogging was not that popular. Now, these blogs are among the top digital marketing blog 2020. The blogs in these sites get a lot of Facebook shares and retweets because Godin creates short but informative blogs, and this is a real reader magnet.

3.  Hubspot Blog

Hubspot blog is one of the top digital marketing blogs in India. Founded by Dharmesh Shah, these blogs are the best choice for making improvements in the number of sales. It gets monthly search traffic of around 835K. The articles are in this blog are written by industry experts. This site also contains multiple software products that can help a marketer to succeed online

4.   MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a chatbot platform but also has some blogs to improve marketing strategies. It is founded by Larry Kim in the year 2017. The site contains an article on topics like Facebook marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, PPC, and growth marketing. These articles prove to be of great help for new marketers.

5.  Buffer Blog

Buffer works with the best digital marketing blog topics that can help a marketer to improve his/her presence in social media. It was founded by Joel Gascoigne. This is a popular blog site as it gets around 1.1 million monthly traffic. Leo Wiidrich and Joel Gascoigne both run this blog site.

6.  Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is one of the top digital marketing blog 2020 and helps marketers with social media insights. It was founded in 2009 by Michael Stelzner. This site creates a blog on frequently updated topics that are related to marketing. This site is the best option for new marketers to gain knowledge on online marketing.

7.  CopyBlogger Blog

CopyBlogger offers the best effective blogs on copywriting and marketing on this blog site. This site is popular among the masses because of its informative articles. If you plan to build an online business, you should not miss out on this site because it can help you grow.

8.  G2’s Learning Hub

G2 Learning Hub creates blogs with some of the best digital marketing blog topics, which turn out to be very useful for many people visiting their site. The site gets almost 1 million readers. You can find a ton of articles on this site, including topics of marketing, technology, and management.

9.  Duct Tape Marketing Blog

This blog, founded by John Jantsch helps small businesses grow from scratch and guide them to become a successful brand in this competitive market. You can make your business a profitable one by reading the informative articles on this site. A marketer can turn into an expert by becoming a reader on this site.

10. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs offers the best digital marketing advice from experts. They also offer videos, podcasts, and online seminars to their viewers. Allen Weiss founded this. You can subscribe to their email updates, and it is a feature that gives you marketing advices through your email.

11. Digital Deepak

This is one of the top digital marketing blogs in India. This blog offers a set of 25 videos on internet marketing free to the new viewers who register into their email newsletter feature. This blog was founded by Deepak Kanakaraju, the guy who has also found Bikeadvice, a popular site for bike lovers.

12.     Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel handles this blog, and in this blog, he shares about his personal experience in digital marketing, which is useful for rookie marketers. He has a lot of knowledge of marketing, which ensures that his blogs are practical and valuable. In this site, he shared how he got traffic of 200,000 in just one month.

13. ShoeMoney

ShoeMoney is run by Jeremy Schoemaker, who shares his marketing skill through his blogs for the newcomers to learn. It is one of the oldest blogging sites as it was launched in 2004. Jeremy is a successful entrepreneur, and the insights he gives in his blogs are really helpful for a newcomer.

14. Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat Flynn, the founder of this blog, shares his income reports through these blogs with his readers. He is a transparent person and tries to share everything about marketing as well as his personal experience that  he has gained over the years. He also have a podcast in itunes which is very popular among the masses.

15. Convince & Convert Blog

This blog helps the readers become experts in formulating productive plans to increase the customer base and maintain them through digital marketing. It was founded by Jay Baer, he tries to put his 26 years of experience in the articles he creates that can help a newcomer in the marketing field.

16. Yaro Starak Blog

This blog helps the marketer to create blogs that can increase the subscribers of the site those who can buy information products so that the marketer can generate some revenue. It was founded by Yaro Starak, he is a really experienced blogger as he is in this business for almost 10 years.

17. Ann Handley

Ann Handley blogs are entertaining as well as knowledgeable. This blog gives marketing advice with a bit of humor which keeps the readers engaged with the blogs. Ann Handley is a writer, digital marketing expert, and a wall street best-selling journal so you can just imagine how great her writings would be.

18. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer blog is targeted towards professionals. The vision of this blog site is to help 10,000 businesses to grow and expand into a business that is double its present size. It offers articles with solutions to different online marketing problems like how to control more traffic in your site and how to maintain that traffic in future.

19. The PR 20/20 Blog

The PR 20/20 blog offers readers different blogs daily from different writers. This helps the marketers to analyze blogging from different points of view. The team behind these blogs are the founders of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute so you can just think how great their writings would be.

20. Kuno Creative

Kuno Creative mainly focuses on inbound marketing. The articles or blogs are well-researched and prove to be of great help for mid to large-sized businesses. They also upload articles on topics like demand generation, brand experience, and content uniqueness; all this gives an appropriate knowledge of the market.

21. Lynton

Lynton includes articles on marketing, web design, and custom software integrations. All these can act as a savior for the marketers who are new to all this. It is the type of agency that has specialized in WordPress and it can help you to earn a lot of money in both these sites through your blogs.

22. Post Planner blog

It is mainly a Facebook marketing app, but it also provides blogs that offer a lot of marketing advice that a person can use in digital marketing. It was founded by Joshua Parkinson. This site also provides a software named as Post Planner, which can help you to increase your engagement in Facebook and Twitter.

23. Jon Loomer Digital

A newcomer who is searching for new updates in social media mainly for Facebook-related insights should go for this blog site. This blog contains really valuable content that can help a marketer in many ways. Jon Loomer operates this blog and writes all those things that he actually believes.

24. Social Trigger Blog

Social Trigger is founded by Derek Halpern and has gained 100,000 email subscribers within a period of 3 years. He uses psychology in his blogs that can help a marketer to increase his/her conversion rates. He also provides videos and podcasts on his site, which are kind of interesting.

25. Jeff Bullas Blog

Jeff Bullas is an Australian based blogger. His main aim is to make the rookies in marketing experts with his marketing advice. Bullas is also an author, strategist, and speaker and provides pure expert knowledge through his blogs that have proved to be very successful among the newcomers.


The blogging field is not as easy as it sounds; no one can achieve perfection in this overnight. A newcomer in this field needs to improve his/her skills by going through the experts of digital marketing blogs. The article helps you by giving a list of 25 of them.

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